What’s Your Password?

I thought today (in case I fall down a well tomorrow and Lassie is drunk) that I might make a list of my passwords.

This was just a passing thought… just a brief breeze across the surface of the deep pond that is my wondrous brain, causing only the slightest ripple. Hahahahaha… Sorry, I'm entertaining myself now... Where was I?

Oh, yeah, passwords.

Ever stop to think, really think, how many passwords we all use in our daily lives?

It’s significant.

Start with my MacBook which is password protected because my kids would be on it 24/7 if it wasn’t. Okay, cool. I put in my password and my computer is up. We’re good to go.

Oh, wait…

I have four social networking passwords that I can think of including my blog, facebook, Twitter and my handy dandy StatCounter to keep track of it all.

I have five mail accounts. I actually have a couple that are active, but I cannot get to because I no longer know the password and have long since lost the master E-mail address it was attached to. So we’ll say five.

I also have a family ProBoards site we all frequent to stay in touch. Another password.

Photobucket. Another…

Alright, we’re all talking now. Let’s have some fun! I have passwords for Amazon, Kindle (yep separate), iTunes, Netflix, NCGA (golf), Riverview Golf, and Audible.com.

Cool. Then there are the finance sites. Two Credit Card sites, two debit card codes and an online banking password, not to mention Sallie Mae for my girl’s student loans.

Let’s see, carry the four, take away the two… that’s


If that was it, that’d be enough, right? But that is not it. Because tomorrow I have to go to work. At work, maybe because it’s a bank, maybe because that’s just how work is these days, I have no less than nine passwords.



That’s a lot.

How many passwords do you have? How many do you think we should all have? Is this a pain we’ve all come to accept and deal with or is it cool to have passwords, like a janitor’s big ring of keys. The geek with the most passwords wins!




  1. I have a file full of passwords. Then I print them out and paste them into a greeting card so that it doesn't look like a password hider. They take up the 2 inside pages and all the back. I just counted one side and got 27.

  2. I have quite a few passwords, and I always forget them, so am constantly requesting email reminders.

    It is just more work.

    I think I might be developing early onset dementia, so perhaps a list would be handy.

    I don't have a list yet though, in case someone gets hold of it. You just never know. Please put your list somewhere safe.

  3. I know that I'm not supposed to do this, but I use the same passwords for different accounts. Three email accounts have the same password. I think my Facebook and Twitter have another password. Other not very important stuff has another different password, or another. My bank accounts each have their own individual passwords. And in spite of not having *that* many passwords, I still forget my passwords and need reminders. Fingers crossed that I don't get hacked. Maybe it's time to renew some passwords. (sigh)

  4. I tend to use the same 3-4 passwords for most of my accounts. And I save the confirmation e-mail, filed under "accounts" on gMail so when I lose a password I can look it up.

    I may not be old but I have mommy brain. I could never remember 30 different passwords and I would get so frustrated I'd stop using the accounts altogether.

  5. SLC you geek, you :)

    I am one who always use the same password for any accounts.

    Recently I had to change my FB and emails' password because my new significant other is A VERY NOSY person.

    I stole the password from my sis for this wireless service I'm using now. Please don't tell her :)

  6. I only have 20 written down but I'm sure there's quite a bit more. I try to cater the password to the site so I can remember it someway without wasting time asking for a hint; My hint is hidden in the name of the website itself which usually jars the memory of the thing.

    It helps with my creativity...plus I like to make myself think. But you knew that. :)

  7. The password thing is something that aggravates me somewhat. Hubby and I each have a iMac and it will tell us the passwords we use for everything on the computer. So that is easy. I don't have to write them down or save to a file. I have iTunes password, UPS, and on and on. Way too much to remember. I want to thank you for the info on the enchiladas, they turned out great. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Oy yoi yoi (official spelling)

    I try to keep the same password, which means I will be SCREWED if the ID thieves get me.

    Thanks for this...;)

  9. Too many is my answer, way too many passwords.

    I've actually been thinking it's time for me to change them all and make some sense of it but then I think of how much time that would take and I think-- maybe not.

    Love the above idea about pasting passwords into a greeting card.

    Hope you're doing good.

  10. This has been an extremely enlightening blog post. When enough people are dealing with something as laborious as a book full of passwords, you can bet something is in the works to change it... something like the Password Keeper on Macs.

    Suzy - Love the greeting card suggestion.

    Star Child - Thanks for reading. I assume you came over thanks to Amy, so thanks to her as well. I am with you on the requesting the e-mails. Happens all the time. In fact, one of those requests was why I starting making a list of passwords in the first place.

    Juli - You're right. You should have different passwords. But I think everyone repeats at least some of their passwords. Maybe not. I certainly do. I probably have about eight spread out over the 34 or so.

    Elisa - Saving the confirmation E-mail is a very organized way of it. That would cut down on the password E-mails that come later! :)

    Shadow - I'm a total geek, I think. Pretty sure that's always been the case. :) Promise I won't tell your sis, but I think that's hilarious!

    Wendy - The way you do your passwords is so cool. Thinking of what to make your passwords should be is half the pain. You're the first to admit an actual system for it. Not surprised, of course.

    TB - I've never used my Mac's password keeper. Maybe I'll try that. I am so JAZZED you liked the enchiladas. I'll let my wife know that her recipe is now bigger than just the fam.

    Ann - Just send me the password and I'll keep it safe for you... or sell it.

    Joanna - I will sometimes go through and change all my passwords. But that only lasts so long. At work we have to reset them at certain intervals and the reset dates are all different. Very frustrating.

    Thanks again everyone. Sorry about the bulk reply comment.



  11. When you get a chance will you send me the lulu link for the short stories again? Both of them. I never downloaded and will just go there and get both of them and download.


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