Seven Steps to WHAT THE F?!

Step 1: Get fat.

Step 2: Set up exercise program and diet for a bet at work.

Step 3: Lose 30 pounds in three months, win $300 and gloat (in the humble way you have) about beating the pants off everyone else.

Step 4: Enjoy Thanksgiving

Step 5: Really enjoy Christmas

Step 6: Get sick for a couple of weeks, stop worrying about calories and forget you own a treadmill.

Step 7: Gain 8 of it back.

What? Really?

It’s true, I’m afraid. I can no longer pretend that I haven’t turned right back in to a slovenly sloth. (The slovenly part isn’t true. I just took a shower. Although I could use a shave. I just liked those two words together…. never mind.)

So, what the hell? That was hard work. Am I just going to let it all go again? Criminy sakes, I’ve gained back almost 1/3 of the poundage that I originally lost. How is that possible.

So, after I write this I’m breaking out the dusty treadmill and going at it again. I’m counting calories (retroactively today – that was scary) until I’m back to that magic number I had obtained.

By the way, counting calories backwards to when you weren’t paying attention, is one freaky experience. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I’m already at 1750 on the day. Not good. Sorry cheese, you got to go my friend.




  1. Normal, I'd think...those 8lbs are possibly all that will go back on...don't worry about it. You're not going to put it all back on...unless you ARE suddenly a slovenly sloth :)

  2. You had an incentive when you were in the competition at work. Good luck in getting back to the weight you want to be. Hubby and I are using a walking tape since we don't want to walk or ride bikes in snow. We are up to two miles a day been doing it almost two weeks. It is something we have to stick with and do every day.

  3. Ah, but life is like yo-yo my friend. Sometimes you go up, and sometimes you go down. And that includes our weight :)

    Run Forest, Run! (on that treadmill)

  4. Thanks Braja. Yeah, I'm good. Amazing how quickly those habits come and go. I just need to stay focused and I'll be fine.

    TB - What's a walking tape? You're right about the incentive thing. Incentive's with an expiration date are dangerous, aren't they?

    Shadow - Yo Yo I be I'm afraid. Just as long as it's more down than up, I'm good to go. :)



  5. The Northern Hemisphere has just experienced one of the coldest winters in a long time so the scientist in me is thinking that you gained that weight in the interest of staying alive!! Pretty important in the scheme of things, no?!

  6. I love your justification for me! Thank you. But seriously, time to get rid of it. :)


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