Seven Deadly Blogs or The Peeping Tom Sees All

I have absolutely no idea what that means, but it looks good, like an old melodrama title for some community theatre play. You know, the kind that a local talent writes that is so full of everything they’ve ever wanted to say. They do that, I think, because in their heart of hearts, they truly believe that this is the last time anyone will ever see their work, ever pay attention to what they think is really important. Those eighty-seven people from the same town, eighty of them friends or family and the other seven so old they won’t remember anything about it the following day anyway.

Really sad.

So, what are the seven things bloggers blog about? What seven descriptive words will cover every blog ever written?

Well, look, here they are now:

Observation, Confession, Expression, Protestation, Exultation, Depression or Cracking Jokes.

I think these are the main reasons people blog.

But this is like saying that there are only seven story lines and that when we fiction writers create a new piece of work we are just copying one of those.

Nuance is the human part of artistic creation, and we need to be at sea level to see that level.

The truth is, the reality is that if you look at any group from a high enough elevation, everything looks the same.

Which breeds bigotry, prejudice and separation.

So I started this blog hoping to categorize all blogs and maybe pick an avenue for myself, focus my own blog.

But it broke up early, so this is what you got.

Sorry about that.




  1. Yep, we choose our own path to the Perfect Blog. Ha ha ha! Oi, when's the next Wookie adventure?

  2. Yuck, the big B P S. Would like to put it in a deep grave and bury it.
    For me, blogging has to be fun. Even writing a "sad" post is in itself the fun of writing it.

  3. "But this is like saying that there are only seven story lines and that when we fiction writers create a new piece of work we are just copying one of those."

    ... that's true in a way. There truly are only so many scenarios that we can use to write. Most of our fiction follows the same hero myth stories we humans have been telling since the beginning of time.

    People find similarities in stories all the time now. (Avatar and the story of Pocahontas, for instance...you can see it here http://www.slashfilm.com/2010/01/04/lol-james-camerons-avatar-is-disneys-pochontas/ or Forrest Gump and Benjamin Button... see it here http://www.scene-stealers.com/blogs/benjamin-button-forrest-gump/)

    When people tell their personal stories (as in a blog post), it becomes something else in our mind, somehow more real than if some town folk were performing a play although it isn't dissimilar to that very thing. And yet the similarities we find when reading someones blog are not ones we exploit like fiction comparison, they are ones we relate to; we see our own stories in those of others; we identify.

    Perhaps, we shouldn't be trying so hard to find our place in the blog world. Maybe, in fact, we are looking to hard for something that is right in front of us.

    Write the post, Spencer. Categorize the blogs and see where it takes you. It might take us somewhere too.

  4. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Wendy. Most appreciated.

    Yeah, I totally get what you're saying and comparisons are inevitable. We do it in this household constantly, more with movies than anything because my love watches movies like most people go to church and analyzing them after is an actual past time under this roof.

    My only point was that even though, when viewed from a distance we can find the same theme or story line, the small nuances make it worthwhile.

    As a fiction writer, if I compare, I lose the magic. I can't write that way.

    Again, I really appreciate the comment. I hope you'll come back.



  5. Hi,

    I am not sure I agree with your seven reasons:

    Observation, Confession, Expression, Protestation, Exultation, Depression or Cracking Jokes.

    What about improving yourself to see how people respond to your writing. From a personal note I write partially to find my own style - what is easiest and what people like most.

    Interesting post and beautiful picture.

    Kate xx

  6. Love the comment, Kate, thanks for reading.

    I don't really agree with my reasons either. It started out a cool idea, but pretty much fell apart halfway through. Still I like the poetic sound of the reasons.

    Maybe the eighth reason could be self-exploration.

  7. How about wondering, exploration or enquiry? Might you even be doing a little of one of these in your post? Perhaps we sometimes post to investigate an inkling, a notion or a hunch; testing our intuition by putting it out there for others to mull over and comment upon much in the manner I'm doing now. I guess it's the modern global equivalent of thinking out loud.

    It's always a pleasure to read and cogitate over your writing!


  8. I like those, but they don't end with the 'shun' sound. :) I like your T.O.L. notion because I think we all do that on our blogs from time to time. Unless you're a know-it-all, which you or I are not.



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