I’m going to blame this one on McDonald’s. They started it way back in 1971 when they told the world, “You deserve a break today.”

Maybe I did deserve a break. I was only three, so probably a nap would have done the trick. What about my mom and dad? They were hard workers, raising a big family, trying to make ends meet. I’ll bet they deserved a break in 1971. Come to think of it, my mom was probably preggo with my little brother, so she definitely deserved a break, right?

Here’s the problem: McDonald’s was talking to the whole damn world. That catchy tune was telling lazy bums, cruel bullies, sleazy perverts and otherwise dark individuals that they deserve something, that they had somehow earned special recognition.

Now, 39 years later, the word “deserve” seems to pop up in every other ad. It’s ridiculous. It now officially means nothing. I hope it means nothing. I hope there aren’t ignorants out there who hear that they deserve the best possible rate on their car insurance and believe that somehow the work it took to go down to the corner store and buy another 750 of Jack gives them the human equity for a special deal on coverage.

You and I both know that they are out there.

By "you" I mean all the intelligent readers of my blog.

I’m quite certain that you deserve a better blog post than this.

Maybe next time.




  1. There have been a few times in my life that I really wished for a break but I don't think I ever believed I deserved it. I have believed I deserve what I work for. It has always bugged me when someone expected things to be given to them just because they are alive. I wonder what started you thinking of the old McDonald's commercial?

  2. We are of the same mind, I believe.

    I saw an insurance commercial that said I deserved a better rate, or some such thing and started thinking about how pervasive that word is in advertising these days.

    And the McDonald's song popped into my head.

    I definitely don't deserve a Big Mac! LOL!



  3. Yet another overused word....there are so many, aren't there?

  4. Oh, Braja, there certainly are.


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