Confusing Blog Visits and False Confidence

So, I’m hoping one of you blog brains out there can shed some light on a new visitor phenomena on my blog. I’m used to 20-60 visits a day. Sometimes a little more, but not much. I can live with that. It’s not terrific, but at least I know SOMEONE is reading this stuff.

All of a sudden I’m getting 175 to 200 hits a day.

I’m jazzed at first and curious, of course, so I go to my statcounter.com and start digging in.

Locations: The hits are from all over the world. So, OK, maybe I just took off in the former Soviet Union or something. Maybe I’m being translated somewhere now.

I should really keep digging though. I don’t want to, but I should.

So I start checking the length of the visit. Ah, this is interesting. Most of the visits over the last week have been for 0 seconds.

That reeks of a computer doing the hitting.

But it’s still from ISP addresses all over. How is that possible?

Now I need to keep digging.

How about checking what sites visitors came from?

Ah, there it is. Sort of. Easily 90% of the visits came from

The root there is http://images.google.com

If I click on it, that’s where it goes.

There’s a png in there which indicates to me that a path is bouncing. There’s also an i-Pad reference. Huh?

Does ANYONE have an idea of what’s going on here? Some computer savvy who can tell me what that address up there means?

Anyway, thought it was weird.

Anybody else get a huge jump in visits on their blog recently?




  1. I always look at "recent came from" to try and catch incoming links. I've found that one of the only telling pieces of info on my stat counter.

    I am a Luddite though. You might try asking Amy The Bitchin' Wife. She is a tech goddess of sorts.

  2. I heard a rumor that you could find out where your visitors were from, but....

  3. Right. What happens when all the came froms are from images.google.com? Amy? AMEEEEEE!

  4. The iPad is hot. People are searching Google for images of the iPad. You have an iPad image in your Gadgets Galore post. It's up on Google Images. Presto change-o. Traffic. And this is a problem because why? You want people to stick around longer, and not just drive by? Oh, honey.

  5. That's got to be it Juli. Thank you. It's not letting up. In fact, it's increasing I'm not complaining, just confused. And I would like more than a 0 second visit, of course. hehe

  6. Yep, I've had the same thing happen. Only on my blog it was from people searching for an image of the Duggar family! Weird. . .

  7. Very interesting.... So now I know what my next post will be about. The Duggar Family's new iPad :-)

    I never check this stuff but I know I should have a look around and see what data is actually collected on my blog. Thanks for the tip.

    Hope you're good and the family is surviving winter.

    Have a great week.

  8. Thanks Kristen. I guess one could look for hot Google searches and write blogs based on those all the time. Probably get hits like crazy. You'd be miserable of course. But you'd sure have a lot of hits.

    Joanna - Duggar Family's i-Pad. That's good. I didn't know who the Duggar family was until you mentioned it here. That's how IN TOUCH I am.



  9. sounds like you have a handle on a nice problem.
    I happened over here from TechnoBabe's blog.
    I'm surprised by one picture that attracted visitors. Over a year ago, I found this story about miniature cattle and post a cute picture along with some info I found. That picture still brings them by.
    I added a widget from Lijit (free stuff) that gives a good summary of visitors.
    I didn't look around your blog too much today but I check back. I'm interested in your Ipad info too.

  10. Thanks for coming by, lisleman. Appreciate the read. I have a pretty good free service that summarizes, and now I know what the heck to look for.

    Little Cattle? That's a good one. I can honestly say that'd be at the bottom of my list of reader attractions.




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