Gadgets Galore!

I am a gadget guy, as I have stated previously. I understand that it is a weakness, but I don’t care. When I see the thing, I want the thing.

Over the last five or six years I have gathered around me the following:

NEO by Alphasmart:

This is basically a keyboard with a little led screen (think calculator). I’ve had it for quite some time. There are seven AA batteries in it that I’ve never had to change. It’s tough. You can drop it. It has 8 files to hold whatever writing chaos running through my mind at any given time. My daughter uses it more than I do, but I love it anyway.


We all know what a Garmin is, right? I can hardly go to the corner store without glancing at my GPS navigator. I love watching the cross streets pass by, changing my icon from car to truck to pirate ship and I really dig it when it changes from light background and dark streets to dark background and light streets. It knows when it gets dark. My Garmin’s name is Gary. Gary has a woman’s voice. And when Gary says, “Arriving at destination,” it sounds like she’s just found the man of her dreams.


I don’t have one of those fancy iPod Touches. I’ve got the big 80 gig monster that will hold anything and everything I feel like uploading, including thousands of pictures, thousands of songs, probably 100 audio books, lots of podcasts and an episode of Madmen. I used to fantasize about filling it up, but I’m no longer sure that’s possible. My iPod is most used in my truck, floating on a docking station just below my Garmin. They take care of each other.


Ah, love the Kindle. Love it a LOT. This reader is magic as far as I’m concerned. Wrapped in a leather holding case, it’s just like holding a book. I also love paper books, but my Kindle is the perfect combination of my love of books and my love of gadgets. Just writing about my Kindle makes me want to go read something on it right now. The screen is like paper, or as close as it can get.

Skycaddie SG4:

This list is getting ridiculous, I know. But the Skycaddie is my buddy on the golf course. Whatever course I play, it tells me dutifully how far I am from the hole, keeps my score for me, shows me where the hazards are and doesn’t criticize my ugly swing. It hasn’t improved my game one stroke, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. (This is my second Skycaddie. My sister got it for me last year when I was visiting her in Arizona. I love my sister.)

Enter iPad:

Oh, iPad. I want you so bad. I want to hold you in my hands, trace my fingers across your touch screen. May I please brose the web with you, read and answer my E-mails, write my next short story, watch a movie or go through my photos. I luff you so much. I must resist. Luckily it won’t be available until after my birthday or things might get ugly. I’m afraid I’ll have to fantasize from afar for now. Goodness knows I have enough, more than enough gadgets to keep any sane man happy.





  1. What was the new gadget that debuted today? Another Apple product. If we were in our car much we would need GPS too but we don't hardly drive any more. I was glad to hear your recommendation of the Kindle. I have been toying with that but cannot get over the fun I have going to the library and carrying my old book bag.
    I like all your gadgets. It doesn't seem like too many.

  2. That's the item at the bottom of my list. The iPad that I want soooooo bad.

    You can put your Kindle in an old book bag... with other books even. :)

    Thank you for reading.

  3. My sis and her husband got a GPS navigator in their car. Once, they got fabulously lost while faithfully following its instruction.

    How I laugh. :)

    Ohhhhhhh..... I love gadgets too, mainly in music and games area. Sometime this year I might have someone buy an I-Phone S for me. I want a Kindle, but we don't have it here... :( Boo hoo!

  4. I would love a GPS! That's the next gadget on my list.

    I saw the iPad and it looks very cool, but like the Kindle, I always wait until the second model comes out so they can take the kinks out. At least that's the way I convince myself not to run right out and get the first one :-)

    You're tight about the Kindle. It's great.


  5. Hey Shadow. Yes, you can get fabulously lost with the GPS because the maps are not always perfect. Once I went over a long bridge. Garmin Gary said I was floating on water. Another time I was in Vegas trying to find a golf course. We were almost late for our tee time because Gary took us to the middle of nothin'. But most of the time, it's perfect. I also love seeing my ETA all the time. I stop for a soda, I know exactly how much time I lost. I speed up for an hour, I know exactly how much time I've gained. That's pretty cool.

    I think you can get the Kindle sent to you from another country, but you don't have Whispernet, so you have to upload your books from your computer. I think.

    Joanna, it would be very wise to wait for the next model on the iPad. I should really do that. Plus I can't afford it right now. But it pulls on me sooooo much.

    Cheers and thanks for reading,


  6. I saw my first Kindle yesterday, at Calcutta train station....exciting!!!

  7. I dream of Kindles and iPads. I just don't have enough gadgets to satisfy me. No matter how many gadges I get, I will probably never be satisfied.

  8. I want you to know how much your comments mean that you share on my blog and I have been thinking about what you said about me writing. Thank you for the encouragement. For me, I just don't see that I am very good at writing. I write in the post because it is fun. And no stress. And a no brainer. I love to read though so some day maybe I will be ready to write. Anyway, thanks.

  9. My notification messed up somewhere. I missed two comments on this post. My apologies for not responding Braja and F.L.

    Braja - Get one. You'll love it. Especially if getting books is expensive where you live.

    F.L. - You and are are two of a kind then. They must have support groups for folks like us.

    T.B. - Your comment is so appreciated. I'll be sending you an E-mail shortly.




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